Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi God, it's me again, needing

Hi God, it's me again. Sorry our talks have been kind of one sided lately. The majority of my prayers are me saying, "Please God", several times each hour. I keep thinking you will answer me by healing Steven. I still know you can. But then your answer comes in the form of another person being there for me.

I am so foggy. It's a good thing my body knows how to breathe in and out or I'd probably forget to do that. God, thank you for life's simple pleasures. Coming home to a mowed yard, getting Whitey's yesterday and having a pillow to hold to fall asleep last night.

I keep hearing the ring tone I have just for Steven's calls and texts, but it is always another person's phone. Gosh, it would be great to get a text or call from him. After being on a ventilator and having two more bronchoscopies, he will not have a voice at all to make a call.

I sit at Steve's bedside and tell you God how much I love this man, but you know that. I'm not done yet. I still need him to touch me and whisper sweet nothings or somethings in my ear. I need him to tell me how to make the basement stop flooding and when he changed the oil in my car because I don't see where he wrote it down. I need to know what company he wanted to replace the roof and how to finish all the trim he started staining. I need him home so I can crawl in bed with him. I need...

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  1. My heart is breaking for you and I wish I could just jump in my car and come help you. You are always on my mind and in my prayers.