Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We didn't have a follow up appointment for the pneumonia until Wednesday morning, but Steven's breathing had us both concerned. It was a pant, requiring no activity. I think we were waiting for the antibiotic to kick in and the breathing would improve, but it didn't.

I called his oncologist who had him come in. Insurance requires a saturation test to approve oxygen use at home, so we were directed to Genesis East for the test and then would come back to the oncologist and get some IV fluids. I thought he would balk at the use of a wheelchair but he didn't. His oxygen level was 61 which is very low and so he was admitted into the ICU unit at Genesis West. Within minutes of receiving the oxygen, it was as though he woke up. His face had color and his eyes were alert. I just started crying and said, "Welcome back."

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