Friday, May 17, 2013


Mother's Day I always feel like getting my kids a card. One year I did. They were in high school and I wrote them a thank you letter for being such an inspiration to me. I thanked them for not being ashamed to be seen with me like some kids are with their parents. Then I told them what specifically made them unique. I still have the cards and as I look at them I remember how I felt then and now. Proud at the way they not only survived some hard challenges, but learned, and then tried to teach their brother.

It's funny how they spent so many years fighting and arguing and now they are best buds. They prioritize time together. I like that. I guess because I never thought I'd see it.

And face it, we are not just mothers to our children, but to their friends, their girlfriends and then wives. I received thank yous from two young women who said I had touched their lives and impacted them in positive ways. I never thought I did anything special, but I know I loved them and still do. So love must speak loud because they heard it and made my Mother's Day very special with their words of thanks.

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