Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday May 23

This morning as I get ready to go to the hospital, I'm overwhelmed by emotions. I'm still going to mend that hole in his favorite jeans. And I will save the last bowl of Lucky Charms for when he comes home. The morels are clean and in the frig. No one fries up the morels but Steven. I didn't drink his 312 or watch a show from the DVR. I did sleep on his side of the bed, but he'll be okay with that.

Steven was ventilated and medicated to put him in a deep sleep yesterday. The medication will be decreased as they see his blood gases improve. This could be anywhere from a couple days to a week. We are praying he can come off the ventilator but with his chronic lung disease this may not happen. While he sleeps and his breathing is done for him, he will receive antibiotics to rid him of the pneumonia.

It's a nap. We kissed him and said we'll see you when you wake up. And there is no reason he shouldn't wake up. If only love could heal...


  1. I am praying for you. Chasity

  2. I am praying every couple of hours. I have your pictures hanging up in cubicle to remind me. Am so sorry you all are going through this, I no how anxious not knowing can be. Love you! Sue J