Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tired Is Better Than Wired

I was hoping for an easy pill fix for my fatigue, but that is not to be. My labs came back above average. Therefore, this is life. I can do this. Being tired is better than being wired. As long as no one is in a hurry for anything, all is well. As long as it is okay to trip, spill and forget my words, I will ease into thinking this is normal.

Steven is suppose to be resting today in anticipation of our out-of-towners arrival. He has our old camper sealed from leaking so his goal was met. Unfortunately, he had hoped to be done with that on Monday. I certainly cannot tell him to stress less about time. He is pushing his body, which he always did, but now he pays with hands that don't work at all.

He asked me to talk to The Big Man about stopping the rain. I told him he had the same phone number I did. My prayer is that he finds mushrooms and has a great bonding time with family, and of course that it stops raining.

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