Saturday, June 15, 2013


Calamity is an uncontrolled disaster. If I believe in God, I have to believe he is in control, even of this. He has plans for both of us, that give us hope. And hope, means not giving up. There are no hoops to jump through with God, no prayer with special words. We just have to believe, what at this point, we cannot see. How good to know nothing is coincidence. How reassuring there is a wisdom behind all this. And someday when I finally have the chance to ask, it will matter so little I won't even think of it.

At this time, I may think how, short of a miracle, we will never camp again. The closest we get, is to loan it out to visiting family. We may never get further than the deck. But, I'd rather sit on the deck with my best friend Steven, than travel to anothers favorite vacation spot with a mediocre husband.

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  1. I am at a loss for words for you today. All I can do is pray for you. You are never far from my thoughts.