Friday, June 28, 2013

Living In Disarray

You think it would be easy to lose track of days, but now we are on Hospice schedule. If Monday or Thursday, the home health aide comes to bathe Steven. Sometime during the week the nurse comes to check and see if we have any questions or concerns and to take his vitals. I usually try to keep track of garbage day for obvious reasons.

It's weird not going to the grocery store every other day for things. The last time I got gas was the end of May. It seems the only errands I run are to get a prescription. No more work schedule, or doctor schedule. I have a pile of returns to different places that will wait until whenever.

I find it hard to relax here at home because everything is in disarray. Furniture has been moved in every room to accommodate the wheel chair and medical equipment. There are clothes in stacks that haven't been put away, dishes on the counter washed and not washed. There are strips of trim he sometimes hand sands for the room he was working on and all my folders, laptop and adding machine from work.

Steve is tuckered out right now. He's had breakfast and sent off some emails. So he's taking nap #1 in the recliner. I finally got him there! His feet are swollen but when he raises them in bed the pain in his back becomes intense. I kept insisting the recliner was worth a try and I was right. As always.

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