Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Idea What Day

Steven and I are hanging in there. No major problems. We don't have a routine yet but maybe we won't. Maybe we will be up all night and sleep all day, who cares. I told him I'm on vacation so lets enjoy.

Our nurse brother went home. He was indispensable to me when he was here. Pic line flushing, catheters, oxygen and muscle when I needed it. Plus, he got thru my 'to hard for me to do' list. We have Missouri here now and Chicago next week. I have a friend picking up baskets of dirty laundry to wash and bring back all clean, and we had dinner delivered. God is good providing. My prayer is that my body holds up to continue moving Steve from bed to chair, and that we have many more moments of laughter on this day.

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