Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Turning The Table

I am losing Steven one day at a time. Where there was muscle, it is now slack dry skin. Where humor governed our relationship, he now hardly smiles. The minutes in his day are taken up with pain and discomfort. Only he can decide what to take for pain and when.

A while back he had asked me to be happy. He said if this was all the time we had together then I need to be happy. Now I want to turn that back at him, but hesitate in any way to nag. I take his silence, and grimness as he holds his stomach, his lack of acknowledgement if I ask a question, as my due. After all I'm not going through what he is experiencing. Nothing I'm going through even comes close to comparing. I should have to suffer too...and I am.


  1. Praying for you every single day Denice. We are all lifting your family up in prayers.
    Nancy Hammond

  2. I am not in yours or his shoes but I wonder if you were to say something about being happy to him if would maybe help? If would maybe take his mind off of the pain for a moment? If it would cause more angst? I really wish we, yours and his friends, could just sweep in and give the right answers. As Nancy stated above I am praying for both of you, for a miracle for you both and for peace for both you. I also pray the pain would be removed long enough each day for you two to seat at the table on the patio at 7:00 Pm to talk or even on the couch. I pray for some sort of routine for both of you. I love you and will continue to pray for you.

  3. Praying, Praying, Praying for relief for each of you! May you hold each other in your arms and profess your love for each other. I trully wish you did not have to go through this either of you. Read the Psalms, read them out loud. Shout them, cry through them, plead with them. sing with them. Know that you both are loved by many. Let me know if I can do anything...I really feel the need to help more than just prayers. Love you!

  4. Praying for memorable good moments to come and for relief.