Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hi God, It's Me Again

For so long Lord, it's been me asking for stuff. Healing, patience, precious time, peace and on the list goes. I have an ongoing conversation with you all day, but it's been seeking. Yet, here I am once more reaching out, seeking, needing You. I feel I need to praise you more than I do. I'm not balancing the prayer request vs praise quota. It's been hard because I'm just not real pleased with the last 12 months.

I eventually came to the conclusion your outcome and my outcome were going to be different. The song All is Well With My Soul was not sung with total abandon by me during church.

You took a strong man and brought him to his knees. Both of us to our knees, I should say. We could accept a bad prognosis. But to be struck by infirmities, one after another, until all dignity was stripped away... I saw what was left. I saw how much he took before he finally gave in.

Why are there so many angry people in the world? Don't they realize what they have? How dare they piss away a life with a healthy body, and bad attitude.

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  1. Your posts bring me to my knees. They are like reading the psalms. There are alot of emotions involved. Some day you will once again sing All is Well With my Soul and instead of tears of not believing all is well they will be tears of joy knowing all is well. Reading you posts shows everyone what a relationship between God and a person should be. And just so you know when you were asking for help we were praising him for you. I will continue to hold you up in prayer as you adjust to your new life.