Tuesday, July 2, 2013

His Eyes

His eyes tell me everything I need to know about how he is feeling. I see in them exhaustion and pain and know he needs to lay down. I know when the pain is especially bad, and I should lay down with him. There is not much sparkle anymore, but when there is, I'm ready for his humor and wit with some of my own. I see the disappointment when he wants to run and now can barely walk. I see the fear when he holds out a hand that shakes, and frustration over his body defying him as his limbs grow weaker.

There are things he wants to say too me, but can't. Blessedly, his touch speaks louder than words. And again after this many years, I can read him.

What I don't see is anxiety about the future. I'm not sure I'm anxious either. My energy is spent on this hour, this minute. I don't have any strength for tomorrow. I don't need any...until tomorrow.


Thus far the Lord has led us,
the waters have been high,
But yet in passing through them
we felt that He was nigh.

A very present helper
in trouble we have found
His comforts most abounded
When our sorrows did abound.

Calmly we look before us;
we fear no future ills;
Enough for safety and for peace
If Thou art with us still.

Author unknown

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