Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Dearest Steven

My Dearest Steven,

Today as we join for your funeral I can't help wondering what you are doing. When you saw the beauty of heaven were you speechless with awe? Did you think for a moment, "She was right!" You know how I always like to be right.

I envy you as I live each moment without you. It doesn't seem possible anything can be as fulfilling or funny again. Can you see us? Can you hear my heartfelt prayers for you?

We gathered at your folks last night and as a storm blew in and chased us away from the campfire, I thought of you. You would have weathered it out. We all threw logs on our chairs and headed for the garage but you would have stayed sitting looking at the sky...waiting.

Steven, it is only day 3 and I miss you so much. Can you ask God if I can have you to hold me just one more night? See you then.

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