Saturday, July 6, 2013

People Want To Help

Our friends feel helpless that they can't make this suffering go away for us. They ask what they can do, and then voice they wish they could do more.

What each of them needs to know is, they are one flower in a huge bouquet. When you take the sweet things people are doing and add them all up, the generosity is truly amazing.

The most precious gift of all is the prayers...but of course the desserts are really good too.

And I've grown in my sacrifice to Steven. It's like, the more I give for him, (time, tears, sleep) the more I am blessed.
In my brokenheartedness, I find compassion and walk away with the experience of mercy. This all takes me out of my comfort zone and selfcenteredness. I'm one who likes routine, neatness and predictability. But at the same time this pain I feel makes me realize I'm alive. Nothing is mediocre or simple. Life is slipping away...for all of us.

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  1. Denice,

    Thank you for all your posts. As I have said to you since I found out about Steve I wish I could do more for you guys or anything at all, aside from praying. As usual you know just what to say / post to comfort your friends when we just want to comfort you two. Thank you for being so selfless not just for Steven but for all of us your awkward feeling but loving you so much friends. so weird to have you writing to make us feel better but again thank you. I am praying for you and am just a call or a text away. I love you my friend.
    This following scripture was on my daily verse yesterday:
    Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4