Monday, July 15, 2013

Take This Cup

You would think time would drag by when there is no where to go, but it flies for me. Seems it's time to get lunch right after breakfast is cleaned up. One nap runs into another. Sleep is disturbed all night. Last night when he woke to use the bathroom, he took so long I cleaned out the refrigerator. Then 2 hours later when he needed the bathroom I changed the sheets and cleaned up the bedroom. Maybe my business isn't the problem; it's that he takes a long time in the bathroom.

He did get kind of over the top mushy with me yesterday. There was a window of time where he felt good enough to talk and even joke a little bit. It was a blessing because I knew he needed this time to go over some things he had been dragging his feet about. Two hours later he was back to feeling sick, mumbling and irritable. It was definetely an answer to prayer that he had this coherent period.

So I am to be Christ-like. I wonder where I am now, how that looks. Then I see Him, on his knees, in the Garden of Gethsemane. And I know now how that looks. It is me on my knees saying, "Take this cup, not for me, but for Steve."

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  1. You are in our hearts and thoughts every day!
    Peter Joshua and Dawn Lane