Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm not doing well. My head is in a whirlwind. Am I just waking up to reality? Has the shock worn off? I'm finding myself angry about some things.

Sometimes, when we feel justified in our anger, we don't really want to let go. It wasn't fair, and we dwell on that fact and want to share the injustice. I think in my case, I'm not dealing with a full deck, toss in a joker and the game is over.

So I pray for acceptance of life and things I can't change. In my humanness I'm limited on what I can do. But I know what God can do. Like the flip of a switch, He can soften my heart and make my thoughts bearable. The question is... do I want to let go of it?


  1. Sometimes it's not about letting go as it is about allowing God to work through it. Get angry with God. Yell at Him. Be real with Him. And then listen for Him to speak back. He knows your broken heart. He knows your anger. He also knows His amazing plan for you, and He will love you even in your darkest, angriest times.

    Continuing to pray <3

  2. Even David in the Psalms got made at God. Read the Psalms out loud. use the angry emotions. Let it all out then watch God work out his plan. Love you Denice and continued prayers are coming your way. Dear Lord I pray that Denice speaks her heart out to you. That you give her the peace that only you can give. That you speak to her and show her your path father I pray this in Jesus name. Amen