Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dear Steven

Dear Steven, I'm really confused by everything and I'm kinda mad at you for leaving me like this. You kept saying I'm stronger than I think, but I'll tell you what I think, you were wrong.

There's too much to do with everything you left. My head is going to explode. Gosh, I wish it would. It would stop hurting. I don't want to meet you in any dream tonight. You're probably having way too much fun anyway. I'm really mad at you for having fun too. I'm not having fun and this is all your fault.

I knew, too, that your sickness was inevitable. I even said to someone that it wasn't a matter of if you get sick but when. I know I should feel like I cursed your health, but you could have done more to prevent all this and you didn't even try. Not once did you ever try. And how many mornings of waking and coughing like that did you need?

It's ironic, I'm the one who worshiped and you are the one who shook your head at my 'obsession'. Now you are in this glorious place with the One I worshiped and I'm stuck shaking my head.

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