Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hi God, It's Me Again, Praying

Hi God, it's me again. I am still praying for relief from a broken heart. I'm hurting more than I ever have. When my dad passed away or I miscarried, I had Steven to share my grief. Now where is he? Somewhere having the time of his life and I'm stuck here. I know other women have gone through this, but they must be stronger than I am.

I know You are with me and that I must go through this crushing pain. I know my sadness will not be gone tomorrow or the next day. What good will come from this? I read somewhere that heartache can soften a heart so it will be more aware of You. I know I've seen You in the friends and family who are checking on me and I'm grateful.

Lord, I prayed all that time for a miracle. One tiny little miracle and it didn't happen. That's okay, but You probably feel sorry for me now and want to answer my next prayer. I'll just sit here and wait.

1 comment:

  1. I wish Jonsey did not have my car as his truck in getting worked on. I really think what you need is someone to come pick you up and take you out to lunch. You wouldn't even need to talk just get out and enjoy some companionship. Love you praying for your prayer to be answered. But don't just sit and wait. Move and enjoy while you wait. God did answer your prayer when you prayed about Steven being in pain. God took care of that, he is no longer suffering. Go back reread your blog. See the miracles that were at work there the last 14 months.