Monday, August 19, 2013

Letting Go And Blessings

I'm becoming too anxious about too many things. I had no idea the legalities and paper work when someone passes away could be so taxing. If it was just one issue I would be okay but it's too many. I'm waking with migraines in the morning and am having stomach issues. I'm pretty sure it is all related to stress.

So, I'm going to list all my anxieties and give them to God and try really hard to not worry about them. I say this with trust that God will work them out. I hope he realizes how big some of them are. But, knowing God, I'm categorizing what I think is 'big' as incorrectly anyway.

I had a God moment last week. I've been harboring some disappointment and anger over some issues. You really can't go anywhere with these emotions when the other person is deceased. So during a crying spell, I told God I wasn't going to dwell on it anymore. I was letting it go, and would 'turn the channel' if it came into my head again. Well, the next day I found something I swear was not there the day before. It was the letter from Steve I've been waiting for. It was words. Words I needed, that are all mine. He talked about the three prayers he prayed everyday and they...were so bittersweet.

I let go of what I should not be carrying and God filled my arms with a blessing I can hold on to forever. I can't wait to see what He does now.


  1. Don't you love the moments when you "have ears to hear with". Those are the times you love to tell people about!

  2. No special words of inspiration today. I am feeling and knowing the pain you feel as it jumps off this page I read. I am all to familiar...I have seen it in my mom. I am glad that you found some peace in the letter. Oh that moment was sweet...bittersweet as you said. Love, Heather and Family