Friday, August 9, 2013

Missing Steve

I miss Steve so much. When he was sick and I came home from work, I would set stuff down and find him in bed. I'd crawl up from the end of the bed and lay next to him. Maybe we couldn't talk much because he didn't feel good, but he would run his hand through my hair and brush it out of (or in, if feeling funny) my face. I need that touch from him and he's not here.

I keep seeing him in my mind like he was at the end, so frail. I could usually get a response if I woke him. I would say, "Love you." and he would say "hmmm hmmm" in a growl voice. His way of saying I love you. I knew he loved me. And I would think, is that 'hmm hmm' the last I love you I'll ever get from him?

1 comment:

  1. Still thinking of you in these days after. Keep will be glad you did. God will work in all of it. Blessings to you sweet lady! You are not alone.