Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stolen Hugs

It's funny what can affect me. I went to the lawyers to sign some papers and by Steven's name, it said Deceased. Now I know Steven is gone but the took my breath away. What do they mean he's Deceased. He's was the most alive person I know.

I'm still crying all the time. I'm sure I could quit if he could just hug me one more time. Our hugs over the last month of his illness were kind of stolen moments. I would dress him and have him stand up so I could pull his sweats up. He would hold onto me. Then I'd hold him, and look in the mirror over his back and say, "Girl, you better remember this coz it's gotta last a long time." But it didn't

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  1. Denise, He'll hug you now in ways you won't believe. Like when you look down and see a shiny penny at your feet. Or you hear a song in church that brings tears to your eyes. Or when the sun shines through the clouds between rain storms.

    I know it's not the same, but "hugs" from an old friend.