Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Richter Scale Of Pain

To have the idea that there will be no suffering in life is misleading. Levels of suffering vary from person to person, and how we cope also varies.

What if I think of my suffering as a weaning from the old habit of getting my way. Funny, how I think I deserve my way because I try to lead a life honoring God.

There was my era of tending to Steve and watching his pain, only to know he was going to die, that was pretty high on the Richter scale of suffering. Certainly for him, and for me in my helplessness. But now, this pain is different. I'm not helpless. And if I think about it, there are others whose pain is much, much worse. I think of those who wake daily to physical pain without relief, or those whose lives are ruled by an addiction. There are those who are lonely and without hope, and those who live in fear.

Does this mean I'm supposed to get over it and quit feeling sorry for myself? No, but it does mean I have hope. I have God on my side, and I have to think every day is going to be a little better than yesterday.

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