Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time Is On My Mind

As I watched my grandson dump his plate on the table and eat with his hands, that which we would eat with a spoon, I was reminded how easy life is as a child. There was no care of what others thought of his manners. He would have plunged head first into the river's current had one of us not grabbed him. No fear of consequence. If he doesn't want his toy, he throws it.

I remember as a teen, I could hardly wait to get out from under my parents rule. Little did I realize what the big bad world had in store for me. Life as an adult.

The reality of what I'm dealing with now is overwhelming at times. There are lawyers and probate, accountant's and taxes, medical and funeral bills and decisions to make. Every facet of my life seems askew. Emotions, my physical health, my faith walk, my relationships, all feel somewhat broken. I'm broke and the only thing that will fix me is...time.

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