Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Toolbox

I feel I've been moving along in life at about the pace I should be. But yesterday, something cracked in me.

It happened when I went to clean out Steve's toolbox from the shop. It will be one of the things I will be putting in an auction. As I opened each drawer, I could sense him there, standing right where I was, getting the next thing he needed to finish a job. I started crying and honestly have not been able to stop.

This was who he was more than anything, anywhere else. He knew what each drawer contained. The tools were laid out or messy, just the way he wanted them. I took out each tool and cleaned each drawer and thought how sad it all was. Steve loved what he did. This skill of repairing and matching paint was one he prided himself on. It had to be perfect or he wasn't happy. It's what kept customers coming back.

It will be hard to see this huge toolbox go belong to someone else.


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