Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Old House

One thing that has helped me, since Steven passed away,  is to work on the house. I'm trying to be careful with spending, so most of it is painting and cleaning. Then, there is the matter of asking for help with the things I have no business doing. Asking is hard for me. I figure everyone has to be short on time so why add assisting me into the equation.

Now as I go into each room, I am bombarded with ideas of making things different. Pintrest is an endless source of projects to do yourself. I love that I have contacts to ask questions of. And of course there is always Google.

Recently, I and some friends and family tore up the carpet in the dining room/front room and were able to clean the oak floors beneath. What a difference that has made. It is also back breaking to be on ones knees for long periods of time. But being exhaused makes for a good night's sleep.

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