Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Quietness When Everyone Leaves

I went to a seminar through Grief Share on Getting Through The Holidays. I realized we all grieve differently. Some will choose to bow out of an upcoming holiday and some will experience it with new traditions. We learned how it's okay to cry in front of family and friends. Otherwise you give the false illusion that you are doing okay, which most of us there are not. So I'm going to experience the sadness when I feel like it, which will be the night before when we would have worked together getting as much done as we could, and the next day when I try to time all the food to come out hot at the same time, then when I carve the turkey when I have trouble with a chicken. And then finally when everyone is gone, and things are all cleaned up and put away, we would sit, and sigh and say, "Well, that was fun."

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