Monday, December 30, 2013

The Walls We Hide Behind

I have the most wonderful family. And I have been blessed with good friends who are like family to me. And of course I have faith. Faith in something not visible but rock solid. With faith I'm blessed with the assurance of being loved and treasured despite imperfections. It's so cool with God because he already knows all my flaws and secrets, so there is nothing to hide from him. Unlike the fasade we put up with others, so they will like us.

We think that people will accept us if we reflect a nice normal life. So we smile and pray the kids don't say something that requires any discipline and our husband doesn't belch, or worse, fart in front of church people. Because, I'm sure they don't belch or fart even when alone.

But, what we realize as we get older, is the letting down of walls and sharing allows others to get a glimpse of the real you. It then inspires them to share, and a friendship is born. Before you know it, you are belching in front of each other.


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