Sunday, January 12, 2014

La La La La La

I have a nasty habit of rehashing stupid things I've said. Some of them are from years ago. There's the time I didn't know the answer to a really easy question in Trivial Pursuit. The way I mispronounce words and get laughed at, the things I've said that hurt people, and questions I've asked whose answer was obvious I wasn't listening.

I think of how Satan whispers in my ear that I'm not worthy because of my failings. Satan doesn't care if I'm rich or poor, happy or sad. His mission is to keep me from growing closer to God. Hence where the 'not worthy' comes in to play.

I've decided to do what I do when I don't want to hear what someone is saying. When Satan begins his lies, I'll sing La La La La La. If I'm standing taller, I'll know it worked.


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