Saturday, February 1, 2014

Meeting Nancy


I think I've posted before about a new friend I made through my blog, Her name is Nancy and God brought us together about a year ago, first through her sister sharing a prayer request through the church, then through this blog and then we started emailing. Her husband was very ill too and we had the unfortunate bond of pain. The pain involved with watching your husband's health diminish day by day.

We also shared having son's, faith in God, and the gift of encouragement. It was the encouragement that bonded us. One of us would feel like they were hanging on by a thread, and who better to tell it to than another who is experiencing it?

Finally, last fall we decided we needed to meet. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and I in Illinois so the midpoint was Des Moines. We found a nice place to stay and made a weekend of it. Shopping, eating out, and telling our stories. It was wonderful.


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