Thursday, February 20, 2014

Striking My Foot On A Stone

God has promised to protect me, but sometimes it feels like this didn't happen. When I doubt this promise, I tell myself I am human with limitations on my grasp of life. But my protector has no limits. Just because I don't see the Red Sea part, doesn't mean there are not miracles happening all around me. Just because Steven died, does not mean something big did not happen in all of it.

As I watched Steven lose strength physically, I witnessed his spiritual strength grow stronger. I listened to him pray, and ask me to pray. I saw him want to go to church. I read his note that told me what he talked to God about daily. And I felt God in it all. It's the lens of spiritual wisdom I must choose to look through.

1 comment:

  1. so awesome that you are getting a glimps of the miracles that happened around you even if in hindsight. There will be many many more to come. God Bless you Denise. Glad you got out and visited the west. I wanna be there so bad. But just reading you post warmed me up. Love you