Sunday, March 30, 2014

21 Day Fast

I don't remember trying to fast for a three week period in the past, so this time is different. I've chosen to fast from sweets. This is big. Really big for me. I love sweets. I would start naming my favorites from number one on down but that would only make me want them more. So I try not to think about them but they call to me when I open the freezer and the cupboard. I think I may have to toss out some really good stuff. And there is no more throwing good stuff out in the yard for the birds since I keep seeing racoons out there.

What I noticed this fast, was my boldness in coming to God. Inside my head I'm thinking how I'm really depriving myself for the sake of obedience and by golly, I should probably get what I want. Now, what is ironic about this is that I'm to come boldly to God in just this way anytime, not just during a fast. If I'm in line with what He wants the 'by golly' should be there in any bold request.

And since God didn't answer my prayer repeated several times to cure Steven, I should have a warehouse of favors just waiting to be asked for. I know it doesn't work this way, but I'm only human and forget God doesn't play by the same rules.

So the fasting seems to be for me too. It makes my thoughts process thru a filter of wants but can't haves. And to think, I'm only through day one.

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