Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Happened To Just Cleaning The House?

I love having this home. But, I liked it more when I just had to keep it clean and well stocked. Literally, that was all I had to do. But now, there are decisions about everything and I have to weigh out cost vs need. Do I trust the source, or should I get another opinion? Is this something that needs attention in the next couple months or it can wait?

From basement walls that have cracks to gutters that spill over, from an attic that needs more insulation to a furnace that needs cleaned. Then there are the vehicles, tractors, and the yard itself which has a steep ravine in back. There is a drip under the sink and some insulation around the sliding glass door to replace. I know the wiring is old and there is an additional water shut off that is almost impossible to budge open or closed. There are receding sidewalks and the deck is moving away from the house. The garage needs organizing but I'm not sure what anything is. I bought a stud finder to hang some things on the walls of the garage but I'm not sure where to put things. There are a couple oak trees that need to go but I can wait on those, unless a strong wind blew one down and it crashes into the house that I've taken all this time to keep up on. Maybe I should tackle the trees first. A couple bushes and vines are dead, and there is a rhododendron that is almost as tall as the house that needs pruning. Steve will have a cow in heaven if I touch it but it's an eye sore 50 weeks out of the year when not in bloom. Maybe God can have him at harp practice that day. Oh gosh, that tickled me. Steven playing the harp!


  1. I feel your pain. It just isn't fair that they leave us behind to make all these decisions about things we know nothing about. This is what I would do. First of all, take care of the furnace. Next, I would take care of the gutters. Actually, you can do that while you are waiting for the funace guy for the appointment you just made. I would think that the boys could clean the gutters for you. And inform them that is a task they will be doing on an annual basis or "as needed." When you call about the furnace, you just might want to call someone to come look at your basement and get some estimates. You have so many friends, I would think you could get some very good advise. I would also take care of the drip under the sink. Those are the most important, in my opinion. The rest can wait until you have the money, time or inclination.

  2. Oh, and pray about the tree and stay off of the deck. After taking care of the furnace and the basement you will be broke. :-)