Friday, April 18, 2014

Who Said Splitting Hostas Was Easy?

It would be so cool if the weather stayed this way. Having the temp be 60 or above makes me happy.

Working outside is so enjoyable. Today was a bit challenging as I split up some hostas. Last year they overtook my sidewalk rather than just fringing it.  My brother-in-law said it was not hard to do, just stick the shovel down the center and split them apart. But that is not how it worked. I was jumping up and down on the shovel like it was a pogo-stick and the shovel did not penetrate the hosta at all. So I became determined. I got a hammer and a large knife thing and starting in the middle  I hammered the knife thing in and wedged it back and forth all the way around the section I wanted. Next, I got to dig a hole. Back to the shovel. I had no idea there were so many rocks to dig through to make 5 holes but I needed a whirlpool bath at the end of it all. I do not like my shovel and my shovel does not like me.

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