Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Steven

Dear Steven,

I'm riding the mower around the yard and it just looks terrible. Bare spots I'm trying to reseed, (does it hurt to mow over those?) that make it hard to know where you have mowed and where you haven't. So I just kept making circles. Do other people who mow feel like the neighbors are watching, saying, "Hasn't she mowed that section 20 times?".

Your bushes out front turned yellow. I asked your dad for a chain saw to trim them and really meant a hedge trimmer. Dad was so relieved. By the time the trimming was done, the bush is quite small and ugly.

I know your tradition was to take your Mom mushroom hunting on Mother's Day. Not to worry, Michael and Willis took her and she really had fun. You know how she is when she has her boys around. But we all miss you so much. Absolutely nothing is the same.

I know you must be having trouble communicating with me because you haven't even come in a dream. But, I was wondering...what did you do with the remote for the ceiling fan? I really need it.

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  1. Hey Denice, don't forget to reverse the direction of the ceiling fans.

    During winter heating, to help move warm air that is trapped on the ceiling, blades should turn 'forward' in a clockwise motion. This movement will push up the air and pull the warm trapped air down the sides of the room improving heat distribution.

    During hot summer weather, to help produce a comfortable breeze or 'windchill' that cools the skin, blades should rotate in a 'reverse' counter-clockwise motion. The air movement has the same comfortable effect as when you fan yourself with a magazine to get relief from hot, stifling air.

    Not sure if Steven told you about this but when you DO find that remote, keep this in mind!!

    Laurie Rose