Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Secret

I was watching this documentary called The Secret. It basically says you call into action what you think. It shows a guy going to the mailbox and thinking how there will be a bill inside and sure enough there is. But, if he had approached the mailbox with the vision and feeling that there would be a check in the mailbox, that would be more likely to happen.

It said we order what the universe gives. If you think you will have bad luck all the time, you will. I know someone like that. If something bad can happen, it will happen to him. He'll be the first one to start at the beginning of time and tell you each and every bad thing. But, that is what he looks for and shares about and according to the documentary, that is what he gets.

It said our minds are the power behind our consequences and if we think in error, we just  rethink and life will correct itself. This was where I realized how very good it feels to know I'm NOT in control and can admit I DON'T know what is best for me. But my Jesus does know. He knows the story of my life and what happens 16 chapters from now.

I don't know the middle part of my life, only that I'll be given all I need to endure what happens. What I do know, is how the story ends.

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