Thursday, September 18, 2014

Having Sons

Having sons is a blessing. When they were small it was a struggle to keep up with them. Then, when they were teenagers, I wanted a place to drop them off and pick them up when they were in their 20's.

But now, they are grown up and are men taller than I am. They have lives separate from mine and experience things I'll never know about. I did my best to teach them about the important things in life, and came down hard on the lines I wouldn't let them cross. They hated that I had to know the parents of their friends. They hated the curfews, and groundings, and thank you letters, and apologies, and time outs that sometimes lasted a long time. They resented my monitoring what they watched on TV and the games they played on the  computer.

I made a lot of mistakes but I was determined about a lot of good things. And,  they love me.

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