Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day One Basement Fix

The basement waterproofing/fixing bowing wall began with a phone call that they needed to finish a job from Friday but would send two guys with jackhammers to begin breaking up the concrete.

What should have been done in 2 hours took 5 because my cement was 6-8 inches thick in places. A lot of good all the extra cement did, the walls still bowed. What a noise and a mess that all was. It was so loud that later I tried to watch TV and had to turn it off and have it silent.

Tuesday began with a full crew. Doors propped open, they carried up the big chunks of cement, and then began to haul gravel in 5 gallon buckets down and cement pieces up. Dust is everywhere and I'm freezing, but happy to be moving along.

I had the realization that guys are all the same. It was like having my two sons in the house, as I listened to the bantering, complaining and story telling. I'm not sure where they are using a restroom, no one has asked me to use mine and the one downstairs is now in an open space. .I was so exhausted from watching I had to take a whirlpool bath when they left.

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