Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just Organized

Today I sat down and started my list of gifts I need to have. The number I came up with was 40. That seems like a lot of gifts to me. I've been making little things to give, but they seem so small and insignificant. I know this is untrue because personally I would love to keep what I'm making.

Although the list is long, I feel more organized just having it all wrote down so I can cross off each name as I have a gift. So I continued in my notebook bought just for this occasion, the other lists needed. The menu for Thanksgiving and what others are bringing, my next shopping list for groceries, things to order online,  my checklist of holiday duties, like decorate and get Christmas cards addressed, a calendar with plans noted and on and on. Then to complete the organized list making, I put little tabs on the edges and labeled them.  Ahh..life is good.

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