Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Present Your Requests With Thanksgiving

I made a change to the way I pray. Instead of asking God to bless my children with this or that, I thank Him for what he is doing in their lives for His glory. Instead of asking God to help Parker with his speech problem, I thank Him for what He is doing in Parker's life as this child is being raised.

I saw the benefits of this at work last week. I've been working on balancing this account and because of a bank error it became confusing and multi-layered over a few months. Instead of praying to solve this thing once and for all, I started the morning with a prayer of thanks for how God was going to resolve this and how nice it would be to be done with the issue. Over and over I thanked Him until finally I'm at my desk in front of a stack of reports with all that went in and out of this account. It is the point I'm usually overwhelmed and would pray to be smarter, but I told Him how relived I was that it would be over (before I had begun), and I could go on to easier tasks.

I added the numbers I had added so many times before trying to come up with a total that made sense so I could back out the supposed error. But this time the answer came the first time. I had a total and as I  looked down at my reports there it was. It all made sense. You may say it was fate and it would have happened regardless of prayer. It only matters what I think in this precious walk I'm on, and I will continue in the step of gratitude.

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