Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Time To Mourn

I was given the name of a friend of a friend to call. She too had lost her husband a year after Steven. So for her it had been almost 5 months. She had been having a hard time and I thought it might do us both good to share.

I put off calling because I know what my schedule is like right now. I figured I would call after Christmas and suggest coffee.

I found out yesterday she committed suicide. While I don't know I could have saved her life, I might have been some help. I shouldn't have waited. I pray for this woman's family, that this Christmas  season still holds peace and joy.


  1. Wow how awful! I was thinking of you today and wondered why? I hadn't read your blog in a while and was curious how you are doing. I decided to read it today, I started back on Thanksgiving and made my way up to this post, all the while thinking I should write you a line and let you know how much your words mean to me, but then the little naughty gal on my shoulder would say "no she'll think your a stalker...this is her world, your intruding". But when I read this post, I couldn't let it go.
    I enjoy your blogs, sometimes they make me sad, sometimes they make me laugh, but all the time they make me think. They always make me hold on to my husband a little bit tighter for a little bit longer. Thank you Denise! May God Bless you this holiday season.

    1. I love it when I get a response. It inspires me to keep writing. So stalk away!