Tuesday, December 16, 2014

No Winter Blues Here

It's hard for me to put all my craft stuff away so I can entertain at Christmas. On the other hand, I get done and can see the floor and counter tops and kind of like the sparseness.

When I sit down in the evening, I have to ask myself, what did I used to do before making all those gifts? Maybe I read or did my nails, or I know...I'll bet I posted on my blog!

Maybe everyone else hates winter, but speaking from someone who does all the chores now, there is a lot less work in the winter. Especially after Christmas. Everything slows down. I'm ready for darkness  when I get off work, no yard work. And cold, windy evenings, so no errands. The prediction of a foot of snow could mean no work the next day. I think everyone should have to think of three good things to say about winter.


  1. The three things I love, love, love about winter are, in no particular order:
    1. I live in Phoenix, AZ
    2. I do not think about snow unless I want to travel out of town.
    3. Fires in the fire pit in my back yard.

  2. 1. The beauty of the ground on a cold wintery morning such as this morning.
    2. Winter brings out the best in people with there "stay warm" and "need a hot cup of coffee over there"
    3. My birthday ...lol