Friday, January 9, 2015

The Value In Being Good

It's easy to go through life thinking no one notices the choices you make when you are alone, but that is the most important time. Those choices define who you really are.

My talking to myself (and God), help with this. It's harder to sweep dirt under the rug if you are conversing aloud.

Even as a little girl, I thought of God watching my every move. He would have this scroll in which He writes down all the errors of my way. Then when I'm before him, he rolls out the scroll and it unfurls beside me and keeps going and going and going. I will have a lot to answer for if I haven't settled my affairs when I'm here.

Then I see a file drawer full of all the prayers I lifted up. I see God showing Steve the drawer with his name on it. He tells him, here are all the prayers Denice said for you. Steve will be amazed and will finally,
for the first time ever, say, "Denice, you were right."

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