Friday, February 20, 2015

Pros And Cons

I have to admit, doing whatever I want, when I want is liberating. You don't realize how much of your decision making is based on your spouse and what they prefer. Things like, what I eat, when I get home, what I spend money on or how many activities I'm involved in are all up to me and not what Steve would like. Sometimes, I feel guilty for enjoying this being alone and confused it with why I am now by myself.

At the same time, every decision has consequences and the outcome is all my fault or to my credit. The jobs like shoveling are all mine as is making sure I get an oil change. Home repairs, income, investing and spending money on big dollar items can throw me in a brain spin.

It's then I sit down and turn on some good worship music, pick up my art work and plan my dinner to stop the spin.

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