Sunday, February 8, 2015

Standing In The Gap

Do you have a child that is not a believer? When you pray for them, you are standing in the gap.

Is there a friend who needs a mother's love, but for whatever reason, is not receiving it? Stand in the gap and love them as a mom would. Listen, and advise, or just listen and listen.

Is there a co-worker who is in need? How can you stand in the gap? Pray for wisdom if it doesn't come to you. Pray to be the hands & feet of Jesus and be the gap filler.

Are there spaces in your life between what you are and what you should be? Jesus is there, waiting to be asked. It's easy to think the life you lead is better than what God could offer, but you've no idea the joy and peace of mind that awaits you.

How have you seen God's gracious work in your life? Tell me about it.

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