Monday, July 20, 2015

The End Of The Story?

Tonight, I go back to 2013 of my blog, and the mouse just hovers over July. Why am I hesitant to click and read the end of the story? Sure it makes me sad but I owe him the courtesy of remembering how it all felt.

So I read and I cry and feel it all again. And while my words are so very sad, the comments that were wrote by people to each post spoke in a love as deep as the one I have for Steven. There were uplifting words and Bible verses. These people cried with me and encouraged me to go on. I cannot emphasize how much that helped me. Thank you each one.

If I read the blog as an outsider through July and August 2013, my thought were to feel so very sorry for this couple having to deal with all the dynamics surrounding an impending death. How did they do this with each day getting closer to the end? I think it was raw humanity, broken hearts begging with little physical strength and God.

I'm so thankful I took the time to write like I did back then. I would never have remembered those moments in each day. But what about now? Was that really the end of the story? If so, there is a Book 2, because I still breathe and blank pages must be filled.  I'm not sure what it will be called, but Support 2 Lanes will be ending soon but be remembered forever.

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  1. I looked forward to your posts. It was a pleasure to take this healing journey with you, and I often think of Robin, with her own set of issues that eventually called her home.
    May Book 2 bring you joy in all the areas of your life going forward..
    From Julie Clark