Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Restful Contemplation

I was on the hillside when the weed whip finally ran out of battery. It was a good thing because my arms were tired. I was tired. So I sat under one of the several old oak trees and caught my breath. Then I did something I very rarely do. I cleared my mind of all things but the huge trees around me, so thick I can barely see the sky. I lay back on the ground and for a moment hoped those in the houses across the raven did not think I had had a heart attack, then even that thought was gone.

What beauty in a tree that is a home to many creatures. It must withstand the drought of summer and bitter winds in winter. I wonder what this tree has witnessed in it's 100 or more years. Was it planted intentionally or from a fallen acorn? Who will live here when it finally falls. And the biggest question of all, will it fall on the house with me in it?

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