Saturday, November 7, 2015

Past Failures

What a wonder it is to see our adult children live their lives totally separated from the apron strings that they once held onto. Although I never wore an apron, there was a time they put their little hand in mine.

But sometimes I see a side of them I wish wasn't there. I resist the urge to literally shake them back to   the caring person I usually see. Sadly, I know some of my past failures have grown them to this place, this attitude. Despite my regrets at the decisions made long ago, I can't change what is done.

That God will use "all things" to accomplish His unique purpose must give me the hope to continue. My days of teaching the boys may not be a sit down lesson any longer, but my example speaks louder than words. I can't let regrets diminish today's inspiration. After all,  none of us are finished products yet.

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