Monday, January 18, 2016

Questions With The Brain God Gave Me

There was a time before sin and after sin for Adam and Eve. Before sin they were comfortable with their nakedness, did not fear the animals, did not need to toil the land for food and childbirth was not painful.  Then they ate from the tree of life God instructed them not to eat and all changed.

Sometimes I hear people say, we were intended to be like Adam and Eve before sin. When I hear this I get the idea that God either didn't know they would make the choice to eat the apple or he knew all along life would be good then bad, then worse (too many people are sinful, must flood the earth). Or it could be one of those things I must accept without understanding, I guess that is where faith comes in.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

God's Way of Teaching

I love the way God drives a point home. You have a revelation during your morning devotion, then the song you hear on the way to work is related to the same verse. Later in the week you are tested in the area and recall your study. On Sunday, the week wraps up with a sermon that somehow ties it all up in a big bow. God is so good.