Monday, March 28, 2016

The Post Holiday Let Down

As I revised my checklist for the Easter celebration held here, I missed Steve so much. I missed his help in planning and getting it all ready. I know to not deep clean until after the event but I usually have a project or two that would not be safe staying out. And as you invite 20 people, you never really know how many are going to show up. It's not protocol to let the hostess know. So you plan seating and silverware and still end up short. You find out as you are cleaning up that you ran out of plates and forks. AFTER it's over. After people used snack bowls and spoons for their main meal.

I don't think it helped have a 2nd gum procedure done 4 days previous. This meant I would not be eating most of the food served that day. And although I told myself I was not going to complain, I did, to everyone who asked me how I was. I guess I could have just told the truth and said I'm tired of doing 2 of the 3 big holidays by myself. Or ask one or two family members to come an hour or two early or to stay and help clean up. I'm exhausted at the end, then proud to have made it through another get-together. I'm reminded that Easter is not about food and silverware, but a risen Christ that made it possible for me to be free from the bondage of sin as His Spirit lives in me.