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This whole concept was developed because of an awesome story posted by Scott Rice, a long time friend and believer in the awesomeness of Steve.  I'm going to post his story here to get things started.  Thanks for your kind words Scott.


  1. Our Go To Guy

    I was a Senior in High School when I decided that all I wanted to do was fix and paint cars. I was enrolled in one of those half day work classes and had an instructor who had Lane Autobody's business card in his rolodex. He made the call and set me up an interview. I was nervous with the thought of interviewing for a "real" job and being a long haired punk looking kid, as I was, I didn't really have any high hopes of getting a second look from any potential employers in the field. It made things worse when my teacher gave the old address on Northwest Blvd. and I ended up running late. I had pretty much written the whole thing off when I finally found Lane Autobody hidden off of Brady and 53rd and even considered not going in for the interview. Fortunately, I did.

    I walked in and was greeted by this big grinning Five foot nothing guy with...longish hair. I wasn't sure what to think. Steve asked me to take a seat and immediately proceeded with the "interview". The interview was completely unusual. I was a very experienced fast food joint kinda kid and had several hot seat experiences, but this was nothing like that. Steve just started talking. He didn't ask me the usual questions about why I thought I'd be good for his company or what my strengths or weaknesses were. No, he just wanted to now how I was. What kinda of things I liked to do. What I did in my spare time. The whole thing was very candid and I felt very comfortable. That, I think, was just Steve being Steve. Years later I asked him about it and he said it was just his way of finding out about me. Made me put my guard down so he could get a real sense of who I was. Steve took a chance on me and gave me several years of some of the greatest work experience I will ever remember.

    I'll always be greatful to Steve and Steve's wacky shop crew. NEVER a dull moment. Steve, Bill, Charlie, Gary, and Randy all had a part in shaping my personality and making me the person I am today. I credit most of my sense of humor to them. They also taught me to do the kind of autobody repairs that I could be proud to showcase. Believe me. I've seen more than my share of Body Repairs out there and I still consider Steve's to be some of the finest there is. If I never said thank you, Steve, it was never cause I didn't mean it. I appreciated every moment you gave me in your shop. You helped me get where I am today. I think without the honor of ever having the chance to work for you, without the time, money, and effort you spent on me, I could have easily ended up like some of the other guys I was coming up with. Thanks Steve. You are a true mentor and friend. I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless.

  2. I was flooded with great memories of times when my uncle Steve helped me out. Since I can't pick just one I will start with the earliest memory. I must have been about 4 or 5 years old when Steve came to my parents house to visit. I came home crying because the neighbor boy punched me. Steve said next time he gets in your face take a step back and size him up. Then make a fist and let him have it. I ran outside to play again and sure enough the same boy was outside waiting for me. I waited until he got close enough to me. I then take a step back, sized him up and then I dropped him like a bad habit.

    Bob Lane

  3. I was just thinking about the wonderful high school graduation gift that my uncle Steve got for me. He helped me buy a 1986.5 Toyota supra from north Brady imports. He then painted it for me and fixed it up too. Holy cow did I have a lot of fun with that car (probably a little too much fun).one time I was heading east on I-80,in Iowa, and I got pulled over going over 120mph. For some reason the cop took it easy on me and wrote the ticket for only 99mph. Come to think of it I don't think I ever told my father or my uncle about that. I hope I don't get grounded over something that happened over 18 years ago. Is there a statue of limitations on this sort of thing?

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